Pelgrim (4/6)

A sensory journey through nature

icon-timema 1 juni 10:00-11:45

icon-pointerWatchtower Belvédère

Pelgrim (4/6)

Pelgrim is both a musical and spiritual walk in nature. As you walk through Reigerbosch, you listen to Lotte’s music through headphones, an electronic soundscape that moves along with the different landscapes you pass through. When you reach the De Belvédère viewing platform, Lotte awaits you for a performance among the trees. After a short climb, there is a holistic final at the top of the tower, overlooking the stunning park landscape.

Because of the physical movement involved, you listen with a different kind of attention. Pelgrim plays with the contrast between group and individual. You are walking in a group and yet are isolated because of the headphones. A concert is a collective experience, Pelgrim starts with you.

Artists and performers

Lotte Pen, compositie/saxofoon


Pelgrim (2019/2020) - Lotte Pen (1983)
O Virtus Sapiente - Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) arr. Lotte Pen (1983)
O Eterne Deus - Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) arr. Lotte Pen (1983)


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€ 2.50 (children aged 4-15)

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