Créations Exotiques

A world-class programme by the Orlando Quintet

icon-timezo 31 mei 17:00-18:00

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Créations Exotiques

How do you go from ‘typical French’ elegant neoclassicism to American jazz cafes to then end up in the Brazilian jungle? Well ... via major innovators such as Debussy and Milhaud. They were inspired, among other things, by African-American influences, jazz and exotic elements. Milhaud, who just like Françaix adopted a neoclassical style, was exposed to jazz in New York and travelled to Brazil. Here, he introduced the music of Debussy and other French masters and was himself introduced to Brazilian street music by Brazilian composer Villa Lobos, among others. Music that subsequently found its way into other compositions. So, just like that.

Artists and performers

Orlando Quintet


J. Françaix - Wind Quintet Nr. 2
D. Milhaud - La Création du Monde (arr. Taco Kooistra)
C. Debussy - String Quartet (arr. Marc Popkin)


€ 24.50*
€ 12.25 (young people aged 16-30)
€ 2.50 (children aged 4-15)

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