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We are string quintet Wooden Elephant, and we take classic electronic-based albums in their entirety and reimagine them as singular long-form contemporary classical compositions. We do this totally acoustically, using a combination of extended string techniques and miscellaneous objects, which include plectrums, tuning forks, bathroom sink plug chains, aluminium kitchen foil, hand drills, hand-held fans, vibrators, and many other objects that have no right to be anywhere near an old Italian violin.

Wooden Elephant violist/composer Ian Anderson plays regularly with the London Contemporary Orchestra, and with them collaborated extensively with Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood on his contemporary string music. Witnessing one of his musical heroes working at such close quarters was incredibly inspiring for Ian, and it was fascinating to watch Jonny’s relentless push for new ways of creating new sounds on traditional string instruments. Many of the techniques Jonny explored with the LCO bordered on the electronic-sounding, and these sessions planted the seed from which Wooden Elephant would emerge.

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