Lights Out Trio

Mathias Susaas Halvorsen (piano), Magnus Boye Hansen (violin) and Steven Walter (cello) have since the beginning in 2011 developed concerts tailored for audiences sitting in absolute darkness. The trio has performed at festivals and venues all over Scandinavia, Holland, The United States and Germany to great public and critical acclaim. Among the festivals LIGHTS OUT TRIO has played at recently are the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, Portland Chamber music festival and the Musikfest Stuttgart. Their extreme musical accuracy and flexibility developed due to performing music by heart in the dark, impresses both audiences and critics wherever they perform. 

The LIGHTS OUT TRIO enjoys playing both new and older music and this is reflected in the concert programs they have presented so far. The reason why the trio wanted to play in total darkness came out of the desire to make a concert-experience free from the prejudice and the customs often found in a “normal classical concert”. 

A LIGHTS OUT TRIO concert takes place in absolute darkness, has no intermission, no applause,  and the program is left un-announced until the concert is over.

This very special concert format presents to the audience an intense experience of live music-making, and enables them to undergo a new sense of hearing. In total darkness, the music reaches its listeners with a personal and unprecedented closeness – any distance between music and listener dissolves.

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